Isn’t that the primary female hormone? Yes, it is, but it is also vital for the health of a man. Estrogen benefits our bones, heart, cholesterol and brain. The key is to keep estrogen in the “normal” range for men. Too much estrogen can cause men a lot of problems. Estrogen can lead to mood swings, fluid retention, prostate issues, erectile dysfunction, penis shrinkage and breast enlargement (gynecomastia).


If men have testicles that secrete testosterone, where does estrogen come from? The male body will convert some unused testosterone to estrogen through a process called aromatization. The rate of conversion is different among men, so it is vital to monitor estradiol levels during testosterone replacement treatment in order to prevent side effects related to high estrogen levels in men.


For those patients who qualify, we offer an aromatase inhibitor medication (i.e., anti-estrogen, estrogen blocker or anti-aromatase medication). Our physician will review your blood results to determine the appropriate dosage. We will continue to monitor your levels with periodic blood tests in case any dosage adjustments are necessary.