You may be interested in a method that will boost your natural production of testosterone. If your luteinizing hormone (LH) levels are low, you may have the option to use hCG injection therapy to stimulate your natural production of testosterone. The hCG injection stimulates the testes to increase testosterone production and it can also increase male fertility provided sufficient follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) is present. hCG should be administered often to get consistent testosterone production. Conveniently, it is injected using an insulin syringe, so for most guys there is almost no pain at all.


If your testosterone levels are extremely low, you will likely need to use an exogenous (external) testosterone like cypionate and propionate to get to your desired levels. It is important to understand that your natural production of testosterone will most likely shut down when you introduce the exogenous testosterone during testosterone replacement therapy. Shutting down your own production of testosterone is fine if you have no intention of having kids in the future. But, if you one day decide you want to stop taking testosterone and have kids, then your testes are more likely to produce testosterone and sperm like they were prior to therapy as long as you have continued to use hCG throughout the therapy.

Think about it as if your testes were on life support the entire time you were on therapy. They are much more likely to perform again if you kept them functioning the entire time. hCG can also be used when coming off of testosterone to re-stimulate your testes. Please note, we do not recommend cycling on and off testosterone unless you have a specific medical reason or want to increase your fertility.


hCG has another useful benefit. If your testicles shut down due to the exogenous testosterone flowing through your body, your testicles will shrink. Many men prefer to maintain large testicles, so they will continue to take hCG for aesthetic reasons. If your testicles are still producing testosterone and sperm, they won’t shrink. Along with the stimulation of natural testosterone production, hCG also increases your libido and heightens your sense of well-being.

*Note: Please remember to keep hCG refrigerated.