Testosterone injections are prescribed to men suffering from hypogonadism (low testosterone). How do you know if you qualify? We will take comprehensive blood tests that include your total testosterone, free testosterone, estradiol (estrogen) and others to properly evaluate your levels. Then you will have a face-to-face consultation with our board-certified physician to evaluate your lab results and current symptoms to determine if you qualify for therapy. If the physician determines you are a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy, he may decide that IM (intramuscular) testosterone injections are the safest and most effective way for you to feel great again.


The first reason is safety. Since testosterone injections are injected directly into the muscle, they do not need chemical additives to help permeate the skin like gels, creams and patches do. The transdermal process of those other methods can cause some significant side effects that can be even result in permanent long-term health issues. If used properly, testosterone injections have the lowest risk for health problems compared to other testosterone application methods.

Secondly, testosterone injections are preferred because they are proven to be the most effective method. Some men can bathe in testosterone gel or cover their body in testosterone patches and still not get enough testosterone into their blood stream. If used properly, testosterone injections have a 100% effective rate. You are injecting exogenous (external) testosterone straight into your body. Your testosterone levels are guaranteed to go up.

The third reason injections are preferred is that you only have to focus on your testosterone treatment once a week. The rest of the week you can live your life without having to worry about the constant application of topical gels and you also don’t have to worry about your medication rubbing off on family members. Some physicians will allow patients to go 2-3 weeks between testosterone injections, but most guys won’t like the ups and downs they experience with that type of protocol. The goal is to stabilize your testosterone levels within an optimal range all the time. If your hormone range is too inconsistent, you may deal with mood swings, acne, fatigue and other unnecessary side effects.


Because they are scared of needles. Really guys? Have you ever tried it or you are just assuming that it will hurt too much? You are going to let 3 seconds of a little pinch keep you from improving your health and feeling better than ever as you continue to age? You would rather risk cardiovascular disease or damage to your liver? We educate you on several techniques on how to administer injections so they are as painless as possible. It is to be expected that the first couple of injections there may be some anxiety for most guys. This is a new experience and you haven’t quite mastered the technique yet, but don’t worry, this quickly becomes a part of your routine. Once you realize how much better your body looks and feels, it really becomes easy and you may even look forward to it. If you follow the proper injection techniques, the pain should rate about a two out of ten for most guys. Some men report no pain at all.


If testosterone alone was injected directly into the body, it would absorb too quickly and you would be forced to constantly inject yourself in order to maintain optimal levels. Luckily, scientists have developed ways to slow down the absorption process attaching esters of different chain lengths to the testosterone. The longer the ester chain, the slower it breaks down. The slower the ester breaks down, the slower the testosterone is absorbed into the blood stream. This rate of absorption is known as the half-life. By attaching esters that have a half-life of a few days or even longer than a week; men can go about their lives without having to focus on their testosterone therapy every day.

  • Testosterone Cypionate

    Testosterone cypionate injections are most commonly made using testosterone combined with cottonseed oil. Testosterone cypionate has a half-life of approximately eight to ten days. This is great for guys who want a low maintenance option for their testosterone replacement therapy.

  • Testosterone Propionate

    Testosterone propionate injections act much faster. Testosterone propionate has a half-life of approximately four days. One misconception is that propionate is good for some things in the body and cypionate is good for others. The truth is that both are testosterone—they just have different rates of absorption. You will get the same health benefits from both, but you will feel the benefits of the propionate injection much faster.

  • Rebuilding Life Injections

    You get the best of both worlds when it comes to Rebuilding Life. We provide you with a testosterone blend of cypionate and propionate. This means you will feel the fast results from the propionate and then the cypionate will boost your testosterone levels all the way until your next injection. This allows you to look and feel your best all week so don’t have the ups and downs related to other methods.

* Note: Testosterone should NOT be refrigerated.